Deploy and Configure a Postgres Server on CentOS7

A simple step by step guide on deploying Postgres and PgAdmin4 As we deploy our own cloud infrastructure, maintain our cross platform environments and support our customers we also create our own deployment guides. These guides provide step by step instructions which are the steps we have taken building the labs and the production environments including notes of… Read More »

Self-hosted search option is a new approach to bursting the filter bubble

Source: Sophos Naked Security If you’re worried about Google’s attempts to track you more closely than ever before, there’s another approach you can take to online search engines: host your own. Google came under fire recently for its super-intrusive proposal to track our in-store purchases. Privacy groups are doing their best to fight it in the courts, but in the meantime its… Read More »

Adventures in C# – Sort An Object With Linq

Linq and lambda expressions to sort an object array in just a few lines I’ve seen some questions in technical forums concerning similar functionality so hopefully this article will be helpful to someone out there. This article discusses a short c# console project demonstrating how in just a few lines of code you can sort an object array.… Read More »

Configure Caching in Apache and IIS 8 Part 3 – Minify and Compress

File minimization and image compression reduces bandwidth use This article on improving web application performance hosted on Apache and IIS web servers is the final of 3 on this subject. While part 1 and part 2 focused mostly on the caching capabilities of those two servers this one will focus on two simple techniques you can apply to… Read More »

Google wants to track you in real life – privacy group says, ‘No way!’

Big business gone rogue and out of control. Citizenry privacy worth nothing. Source: Sophos Naked Security There’s a long-term marketing bugaboo that Google has plans to fix: how to convince its clients that their ad dollars are turning into sweet payola. As Google announced at its annual Marketing Next conference in May, it will go beyond just serving… Read More »