Setup Tor For Anonymous Browsing

Deploy Tor in Linux for anonymous access to the internet I do a lot of research around the internet on a daily basis. From information on cybersecurity, electronics, specifics on software development languages and many other subjects of interest to me. So I’m not doing anything stupid on the internet but I’m also not interested in having the… Read More »

Exchange 2016 Error 2070

How we recovered from the error 2070 “File check failed: File state internal error for ‘Primary’ database partition” A few days ago while doing our regular system checks to our hosted Exchange environment we noticed that one of our Exchange 2016 servers had switched to the passive databases. Further investigation showed that the server had been hit by… Read More »

Custom Open a Dialog Process in Dynamics 365

How to run a Dynamics 365 dialog process using a custom javascript The subject for this article comes from the requirements of one of our customers. They use Cases in Dynamics 365 heavily. They have a support center handling the cases and wanted to collect some additional data on the closing of each case in order to do… Read More »

Exchange 2016 Deployment Guide and Multitenant Configuration

This guide we have put together is a step by step configuration guide we use to deploy Exchange 2016 under our hosting services and to configure multiple tenants using their own email domain name. I’m not going in depth in the article because you better off downloading the guide and build a lab following the steps documented. Active… Read More »

Load Webresources Into Another Webresource in Dynamics CRM

How to load a Javascript webresource into another webresource Javascript in Dynamics CRM As you know CRM customizations for the most part consist of Javascript added to the entities’ forms which help to enhance or adapt the out of the box functionality to the specific business processes of any business. In our case and for what I know… Read More »