18 firms sued for using privacy-invading mobile apps

By | March 15, 2012

Source: Computerworld


I don’t know about you but I try to keep the apps on my phone to a minimum.

In this article “Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Yelp and 14 other companies have been hit with a lawsuit accusing them of distributing privacy-invading mobile applications.

The lawsuit was filed by a group of 13 individuals in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas earlier this week. The suit charges 18 companies with surreptitiously gathering data from the address books of tens of millions of smartphone users.

“The defendants — several of the world’s largest and most influential technology and social networking companies — have unfortunately made, distributed and sold mobile software applications that, once installed on a wireless mobile device, surreptitiously harvest, upload and illegally steal the owner’s address book data without the owner’s knowledge or consent,” the lawsuit alleged.

The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction against such data collection and the destruction of all personal data collected by mobile application vendors so far.”

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