State and Trends of the “Russian” Digital Crime Market

By | May 2, 2012

Source: Group-IB

Never occurred to me the global cybercrime market to be evaluated at $12.5 billion!

In this document “Thus, the analysis of cybercriminal activities in 2011 conducted by CERT-GIB analysts estimates the total share of the Russian cybercrime market at $2.3 billion, essentially doubling last year’s numbers.

The obtained data allowed us to determine the financial performance of the Russian-speaking cybercrime market, traditionally twice the amount of the Russian segment. While geographically located in different regions and carrying out their attacks around the world, Russian-speaking hackers have earned an estimated $4.5 billion. This amount includes the revenues of the Russian segment as well.
Group-IB experts estimate the financial performance of the global cybercrime market in 2011 at $12.5 billion. This estimate is based on the information obtained from our international partners, as well as publicly available information.”

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