Anti-DotCon: .Secure Proposed as the Internet’s Safe Spot

By | May 16, 2012

Source: Wired

I don’t know about you but it sounds like crap to me as far as internet open access goes!

In this article “A security researcher has won investments of more than $9 million to incorporate a tightly policed section of the Internet reserved for banks, healthcare providers, and other groups that are regularly targeted in malware, phishing, and similar online attacks.

Alex Stamos, CTO of iSec Partners, said Internet addresses subscribing to the secure service would tentatively include the top-level domain of .secure, which his new venture has applied to operate. Websites, mail servers, and other services using .secure addresses would first have to agree to abide by a stringent set of requirements, including offering end-to-end encryption of most traffic and to follow a strict code of conduct. Artemis Internet Inc., as the new venture is called, has received about $9.6 million in backing from its parent company, NCC Group, a UK-based provider of secure IT services.”

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