Avoid Star Hop and Candy Link in Google Play

By | May 30, 2017

Why you should avoid Star Hop and Candy Link in Google Play

Source: Sophos

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Star Hop – Google Play

When you see them in Google Play, Star Hop and Candy Link look like a couple of harmless games. But they hide malware that can switch on the wifi on your Android device’s and pummel you with spam.

SophosLabs researchers uncovered the apps – which have been downloaded some 50,000 times so far – during routine testing.

Star Hop is a game where the goal is to tap on two or more adjacent stars to destroy them.

Candy Link is billed as a game that helps users improve their concentration and cognitive abilities.

Mobile Device Endpoint | QualTech360Secure

Candy Link – Google Play

Researcher Rowland Yu said the apps hide malware SophosLabs has detected as Andr/Axent-EH. It appears the apps have been available on Google Play since March 2017.

The malware family is able to:

  • Drop a malicious payload
  • Enable wifi if it is off
  • Connect to malicious remote websites
  • Load spam messages on the home screen

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