Big brands utilized in malware distribution

By | July 13, 2012

Source: Help Net Security

In this article “Commtouch security analysts have seen substantial continued blending of big brand names with malware.

Researchers named the following top seven brands that were abused in various third-party email attacks:

Amazon – Order confirmation emails that didn’t describe the order, but only the balance

AT&T Wireless – Wireless bill summaries mentioned large account balances

Citi – Offered the ability to view your Citi credit card online, showing extremely high balances – Emails thanked the recipient for joining and provided links to confirm

Craigslist – With varying email subjects, messages included plausible sounding Craigslist posts

LinkedIn – Emails mixed pending LinkedIn invitations with messages awaiting responses

Verizon Wireless – Bill summary emails that copied the AT&T Wireless approach”

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