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Millions of embedded devices use the same hard-coded SSH and TLS private keys

Resource: NetworkWorld Thousands of routers, modems, IP cameras, VoIP phones and other embedded devices share the same hard-coded SSH (Secure Shell) host keys or HTTPS (HTTP Secure) server certificates, a study found. By extracting those keys, hackers can potentially launch man-in-the-middle attacks to intercept and decrypt traffic between users and millions of devices. more… Drop us a comment… Read More »

Export Active Directory Users

Export Users From Multiple Organization Units This is another simple PowerShell script we had to create to export users from multiple organization units so we can import them into the active directory in a different vlan in our QualTechCloud environment. We are in the middle of creating a new crm environment with Dynamics CRM 2015 to host our customers… Read More »

CRM 2015 Fails to Load With 404 Error

Three months ago our engineers at our QualTechCloud division implemented an environment for a new customer out of Nevada to host Dynamics CRM 2015. This was a fresh installation of CRM 2015 and not an upgrade. A few days after completing the deployment we started working on the migration of their CRM 3.0 using Scribe scripts into the newly… Read More »

Microsoft researchers create a secure haven in the cloud

Being a Microsoft Partner and a provider of services in the Azure cloud we are always interested in knowing what Microsoft is doing to enhance security of their cloud or enhancements to their cloud environment. In this article on, Joab Jackson speaks about a new way to keep data and applications secure in the cloud implemented by… Read More »