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Setup Tor For Anonymous Browsing

Deploy Tor in Linux for anonymous access to the internet I do a lot of research around the internet on a daily basis. From information on cybersecurity, electronics, specifics on software development languages and many other subjects of interest to me. So I’m not doing anything stupid on the internet but I’m also not interested in having the… Read More »

Your voice assistant can hear things you can’t – such as a hacker

Source: Sophos Naked Security by Taylor Armerding Word from Apple, ahead of the big rollout of iPhone 8 and iOS11 on September 12, is that its voice assistant Siri is going to sound more like a person and less like a robot. Great for the user experience. But based on a report published just last week by a team of researchers… Read More »

Apache Struts “serialisation” vulnerability – what you need to know

Source: Sophos Naked Security by Paul Ducklin Update. The Struts 2.3 and 2.5 versions now both have official patches. We have updated our advice below accordingly. [2017-09-07T11:00Z] It seems only yesterday – in fact, it was six months ago – that we wrote about a nasty security hole in Apache Struts. Unfortunately, it’s time for déjà vu all over again, with a similar sort… Read More »

Is your email in the latest cache of 711 million pwnd addresses?

Source: Sophos Nacked Security by John E Dunn It’s never good news to receive an alert from the Have I Been Pwned? (HIBP) project but it’s better to know than not. Founded by Troy Hunt after the historically embarrassing Adobe breach of 2013, HIBP is a database of breached, scraped and otherwise stolen email accounts that lets anyone check whether theirs is known… Read More »

Self-hosted search option is a new approach to bursting the filter bubble

Source: Sophos Naked Security If you’re worried about Google’s attempts to track you more closely than ever before, there’s another approach you can take to online search engines: host your own. Google came under fire recently for its super-intrusive proposal to track our in-store purchases. Privacy groups are doing their best to fight it in the courts, but in the meantime its… Read More »