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Improving Web Services Security Guide

Source: Microsoft Patterns & Practices Introduction This guide shows you how to improve security for your WCF services. It also shows you how to effectively design your authentication, authorization, and communication strategies for Microsoft® Windows Communication Foundation. The information in this guide is based on practices learned from customer feedback and product support, as well as experience gained… Read More »

Comprehensive, Lightweight Application Security Process (CLASP)

Source: OWASP CLASP (Comprehensive, Lightweight Application Security Process) provides a well-organized and structured approach for moving security concerns into the early stages of the software development lifecycle, whenever possible. CLASP is actually a set of process pieces that can be integrated into any software development process. It is designed to be both easy to adopt and effective. It… Read More »

Deploy Multiple Plugin Assemblies in the Database

I always use more than one assembly to build my custom workflows or plugins. In one assembly I have common base functionality like instrumentation and base exception handling while in the workflow or plugin assembly I build the business logic. Usually you would have to deploy your assemblies in the file system instead of the database because to… Read More »

ServiceHost directive error

Today while running a unit test to test a WCF service I started to get an exception which stopped me from running the unit test. I decided to look in the Windows event log and found several entries like this: WebHost failed to process a request. Sender Information: System.ServiceModel.ServiceHostingEnvironment+HostingManager/12036987 Exception: System.ServiceModel.ServiceActivationException: The service ‘/LeadManagerSvc.svc’ cannot be activated due… Read More »