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Load Webresources Into Another Webresource in Dynamics CRM

How to load a Javascript webresource into another webresource Javascript in Dynamics CRM As you know CRM customizations for the most part consist of Javascript added to the entities’ forms which help to enhance or adapt the out of the box functionality to the specific business processes of any business. In our case and for what I know… Read More »

CRM Installation Fails with System.IO.IOException

As everyone know all Microsoft OS systems come with the administrative shares turned on by default. If you are a domain admin you can access the drive of another computer in the network by doing \\<computer name>\C$. If you are an admin working on hardening the security of your network servers you might go to the registry and… Read More »

Unable to Change Domain Logon Name in CRM 2011

A few times now I have come across a similar error right after I finished installing CRM. I end up spending some time trying to figure out what’s wrong with CRM. Strange enough because the whole installation has gone through without any problems. Last time it happened to me was yesterday and finally I remembered I had come… Read More »

How to Handle Custom Views in CRM

Included in the CRM customization project I’m working on is the automated creation of custom opportunity views based on some specific criteria. These views have to be made available to all users. It took me sometime to put this together, its implementation is not quite straight forward and requires some additional schema files the reason of my decision… Read More »

How to Query CRM Using LINQ

The CRM 2011 SDK allows you to query CRM using LINQ. Using the OrganizationContext object you can run complex queries in a very simple way. This is the code example which shows you how to use this new functionality: