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By | May 22, 2012

What does Clipperz do?

You can think of Clipperz as your web Rolodex, a card index where you can enter any sort of confidential data without worrying about security. It can be used to store and freely organize passwords, confidential notes, burglar alarm codes, credit and debit card details, PINs, software keys, …

What problem does Clipperz solve?

Clipperz does solve the “password fatigue” and make the Internet the most convenient and safe place to store private and sensitive data. However since passwords are the most common type of sensitive information that you need to protect, we added a lot of functionalities to make Clipperz the best online password manager.

Clipperz cards

One-click login

Users can store the details of their online services into Clipperz and quickly create a “direct login” link for each of them: just one click to authenticate and access the online service without typing any username and password.
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Offline copy

Users can dump their encrypted data from Clipperz servers to a local hard disk or USB drive and create a read-only portable version of Clipperz to be used when no Internet connection is available. Clipperz offline copy can also be easily moved to a USB drive.
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Clipperz Compact

A stripped down edition designed for the Firefox sidebar. It makes “direct logins” even more addictive! And it works with Opera panels too. more …

Import and export

It’s your data! No vendor lock-in: you can move your data out of Clipperz anytime. On the other hand Clipperz provides bulk data import from a variety of formats (CSV, Excel, Keepass, Roboform, …). more …


Nothing to install. Nothing to backup. You can always access your precious data from any computer, any browser, any OS.


Clipperz is completely anonymous. To open a Clipperz account no personal information or email is requested. Just pick a username and a passphrase. more …

Sharing (coming soon)

A public key infrastructure is transparently embedded within Clipperz. Users can define “trusted contacts” and policies for sharing secrets with them. Trust mechanism from the real world could be moved within Clipperz without bothering with certificates and authorities.

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