Comprehensive, Lightweight Application Security Process (CLASP)

By | October 17, 2011

Source: OWASP

CLASP (Comprehensive, Lightweight Application Security Process) provides a well-organized and structured approach for moving security concerns into the early stages of the software development lifecycle, whenever possible.

CLASP is actually a set of process pieces that can be integrated into any software development process. It is designed to be both easy to adopt and effective. It takes a prescriptive approach, documenting activities that organizations should be doing. And, it provides an extensive wealth of security resources that make implementing those activities reasonable.

The goals of the OWASP CLASP Project are to make these materials widely available as well as provide a forum for the community to contribute materials back to CLASP for the benefit of everyone. If you use CLASP now, have questions, or just have something else you’d like to share, give us a shout on the mailing list and let us know!

CLASP Contents

CLASP provides detailed information of the following types:

Download the v1.2 documents here.

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