CRM 2015 Fails to Load With 404 Error

By | October 29, 2015

Three months ago our engineers at our QualTechCloud division implemented an environment for a new customer out of Nevada to host Dynamics CRM

2015. This was a fresh installation of CRM 2015 and not an upgrade.

A few days after completing the deployment we started working on the migration of their CRM 3.0 using Scribe scripts into the newly setup environment and we started noticing that CRM would stop loading the home page at least once a day throwing a 404 error.

Since we detected the problem we started researching possible ways of fixing and trying to figure out the root cause. We had another environment that we had upgraded from CRM 2013 to CRM 2015 that had been running for a couple of years without any issues not even after we upgraded to 2015. This led us to assume this might be a problem related to a fresh deployment of CRM 2015.

Dynamics CRM CRMAppPool recycling settings

1. CRMAppPool recycling settings

After months of research and tweaking with the environment without any success we decided to just go ahead and bring up another set of vms. But once we imported the organization the problem came up immediately.

Having run out of ideas last week we decided to look at the recycling sets for the CRMAppPool the application pool for CRM. As you can see in figure 1. the application pool is setup to recycle after 1740 minutes.

With CRM breaking at such regular intervals we were wondering if the problem was somehow related to the recycling of the application pool. Maybe recycling the application would get the CRM process in some kind of unstable state.

After trying so many things without success we went ahead and modified the settings. We unchecked the Regular time intervals setting and checked

Dynamics CRM CRMAppPool recycling settings

2. CRMAppPool recycling settings

the Virtual memory usage to only recycle if the virtual memory usage went over 2GB.

One day went by without any problems, second day the same and one week later CRM is still running without failing with the 404 error. We have contacted Microsoft through the Microsoft partner forum and have reported our findings.

Hope this helps someone else running into a similar issue. Drop us a comment or if you have any questions please contact us through our QualTech-Software Solutions or QualTechCloud Integrated Cloud solutions customer form.

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