CRM Bulk Email Fails

By | October 6, 2016

Users in one of our crm hosted environments started emailing our support team to inform that they were unable to send bulk email.

We confirmed that emails created by processes or manually created by users were still being created in crm and sent out.

We checked the crm services and everything was working fine and no errors in the Windows event logs.

captureTo try to figure out what was happening we turned on crm deployment tracing, opened the advanced find in crm and searched for some test leads we had in the system.

I selected a couple of leads with valid email addresses, clicked Send Direct Email, followed the wizard and completed the process to send the bulk email but nothing happened.

Looked in the list of activities but no activities had been created. Looked in the trace file but didn’t find any errors related to email.

Bulk email always starts a system job so I opened another advanced find and looked for system jobs of type Bulk Email. A long list of Bulk Email jobs in “waiting” state showed including the job for the bulk email I started.

The Bulk Email jobs start, create the emails and complete. This all usually happens in a matter of a few seconds unless we are talking about a list of hundreds of emails. For sure I should not be seeing that long list of old bulk jobs in waiting state and most of them were not showing any errors.bulkemail

I selected all the Bulk Email jobs in waiting status and deleted them all. Went back to the list of leads, selected the same 2 test leads I used previously and again clicked the Send Direct Email.

I refreshed the system jobs advanced find and I could see the job. After a few seconds it disappeared as expected. Went to the activities and now I could see the 2 email activities created and soon after I got the emails in my inbox.

So now you know. If the users start reporting that they cannot send bulk email check if you have any Bulk Email system jobs in a waiting state that have been sitting there for a while. If you do most likely this is causing the bulk email in crm to not work.

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