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By | July 9, 2017
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.Net Custom Development Services

QualTech Dynamics 365 Cloud Hosting Services | QualTech360DynamicsWe are excited to have been chosen by the Blink Network a Carcharching company to support and maintain their Dynamics CRM 2011. Our team of crm developers are excited to prepare crm for their version updates and review the impact on their existing custom code.

The team is excited to be able to work in the integration between the Blink Network charger monitoring system and the case management in crm. Integration between crm and other systems is always a challenge and a source of satisfaction on bringing systems together successfully and with that accomplish business process improvement and optimization.

Like Dynamics CRM itself helps to manage the business’ life cycle, integration between systems improves cost savings with the additional process automation and the reduction of human intervention and error.

QualTech Custom Development Services | QualTech360DevelopmentQualTech’s development engineering team is highly trained in .Net development and not only in the Dynamics CRM user interface as is the case of many providers and consultants for Dynamics CRM.

Many consultants and providers of custom services for Dynamics CRM are very skilled in delivering customizations from the UI side of crm but weak on knowledge of the core .Net framework of Dynamics CRM and experience delivering full custom .Net solutions which reflects in poorly architected Dynamics customizations for performance, scalability and security which is challenging when hosting in a cloud platform.

From Windows services to highly scalable web services built with security in mind from ground up, essential to software designed to operate in a cloud environment to web portals with Dynamics CRM in the backend managing all the the business integration our team has many years delivering highly successful projects to satisfied customers.

Following our QualTech 360 degrees of care approach to managed cloud services we provide to our customers, development engineers are also highly experienced with validating code for CRM updates or upgrades and migrations to new versions of CRM.

Together with our hosting services for Dynamics 365 and the custom solutions provided and fully supported by us and by our partners we provide the most inclusive and most supported set of services in the Dynamics 365 market.

Our prices for hosting and for custom software development are unbeatable in the Dynamics CRM market. But don’t just believe in our word, check it for yourself. Compare the pricing for our custom development services with the prices practiced by most consulting companies across US and the pricing for hosting in our cloud platform with the pricing of other providers including Microsoft and you will realize for yourself that QualTech 360 degree of care gives you the most for the most reasonable monthly fee per user.

Don’t just believe us! Do your own market research and I’m sure you’ll agree with us. We are your technical team for your peace of mind, focus on the success of your business from anywhere, on any device.

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