Facebook has got your number – even if it’s not your number

By | July 21, 2017
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Source: Sophos Naked Security

If you are a user of the social networking site you are going to want to read this article.

Do you value your Facebook account? Have you linked your phone number to your Facebook account? You could lose access to it if you aren’t careful, according to James Martindale, who

QualTech Cloud Hosted Endpoint Security Monitoring | QualTech360Secure

Sophos Endpoint Security

discovered a worrisome Facebook authentication vulnerability.

Facebook encourages you to give it your phone number “to help secure your account”, and you can link multiple numbers to your account. That means that you – or anyone with access to your number – can take control of your account.

However, phone numbers, especially cellphone numbers, are re-assigned to other people and businesses on a constant basis – which means if you change your number, your old number may well be re-assigned to someone else.

And that means that whoever has your old number could potentially take over your Facebook account if that old number is still linked to it.

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