Google reveals Android malware ‘Bouncer,’ scans all apps

By | February 6, 2012

Source: Computerworld

by Gregg Keizer

Always good to know that measures are being put in place to help manage the spread of malware in the smartphone market.

In this article “Google yesterday unveiled an automated system that scans Android apps for potential malware or unauthorized behavior, a move critics have long called the company to make.

The scanning service, appropriately codenamed “Bouncer,” has been in action “a number of months,” said Hiroshi Lockheimer, the vice president of engineering for Android, in an interview Thursday. “The interesting thing is that no one really noticed. It didn’t disrupt the end user’s experience [in the Android Market] or disrupt the developers. They didn’t have to think about it at all.”

Once an app is uploaded to Google by its developer but before it’s published to the Android Market, Bouncer scans the code for known malware, including spyware and Trojan horses, and looks for behaviors that match apps which the company has previously decided are unacceptable.”

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