Google wants to track you in real life – privacy group says, ‘No way!’

By | August 5, 2017
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Big business gone rogue and out of control. Citizenry privacy worth nothing.

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There’s a long-term marketing bugaboo that Google has plans to fix: how to convince its clients that their ad dollars are turning into sweet payola.QualTech Endpoint Security Monitoring Services | QualTech360Secure

As Google announced at its annual Marketing Next conference in May, it will go beyond just serving ads to consumers. Using an artificial intelligence (AI) tool called Attribution, it said it would follow us around to see where we go, tracking us across devices and channels – mobile, desktop, and in physical stores – to see what we’re buying, to match purchases up with what ads we’ve seen, and to then automatically tell marketers what we’re up to and what ads have paid off.

Google said at the time that it was planning to anonymize the data and then hash it over, as in, “User 08a862b091c379fe9767615d10873 saw these 10 ads in the morning, and spent $27.73 at a certain grocery store that afternoon.”

Well, that is not reassuring whatsoever from a privacy standpoint, the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) says. On Monday, EPIC announced that it’s filed a complaint (PDF) with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to stop Google from tracking in-store purchases.

As Google is happy to boast, it’s captured data on over 5 billion debit and credit card purchases in stores in just under three years using AdWords. Google then matches individuals’ buying histories with what they do online.

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