How to Backup your Android contacts (article 1)

By | June 24, 2017
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Backup your Android – Why should you care

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One of the cloud hosted services we offer is enterprise cloud hosted backups which also allows for scheduled backups of mobile devices.

Because we have chat enable on our web sites once in awhile we have someone asking questions about how to do something on their smart phone. Not exactly the reason why we have the chat but we always do our best to answer guests’ questions where possible.

One of the questions we got asked lately from someone landing on our site was whether you can backup your Android account. If you are wondering why would you should care a couple of reasons come to mind.

If you buy a new version of your existing phone from your carrier or change carriers and get a new phone you would want to re-install your apps and make sure you would get all your contacts back without having to manually adding them all.

QualTech Cloud Hosted Endpoint Monitoring | QualTech360SecureWhat about if you lose your phone or it gets stolen? Well in this situation if it were me my first priority would be making sure it would be completely wiped if it was online so no one would have access to any information I might have on the phone. If I would get the phone back or get a new phone I would want to be able to restore the information previously removed. Without backups I would have to add everything manually.

Why would I care about wiping out the phone could you ask, I really don’t keep much in the phone anyway. Well, think again! Do you access your bank account from your phone to check your balance? Can the password be stored or cached on the phone?

Do you have a LinkedIn, a Facebook, Twitter or any other social network accounts setup on your phone? Do you receive email on your phone (sounds like a dumb question)? Well, you don’t want the person that has your phone posting on your accounts and harass your friends. What about changing the password in all your accounts including email accounts and that way deny you access to all of them?

That’s just a few reasons to why you would want to care about being able to wipe out your phone in case you lose it or it got stolen.

The reason why you should care about having your contacts and files backed up in this situation is that now that you wiped out your phone you would want to be able to restore that information in case you would get the phone back or buy a new one.

Wipe out your phone

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To start with, I hope no one at this point in time still owns a phone without setting up an access code like a 4 digit pin. If you get your phone stolen and you haven’t setup any sort of access security you just made a thief a very happy one. He can now access everything on your phone without even breaking a sweat trying to figure out your access pin.

QualTech Cloud Hosted Mobile Security Monitoring | QualTech360MobileSecureYou REALLY better be using a security service like our endpoint security services powered by Sophos to allow you to send a wipe out command to your phone.

If you haven’t setup a pin tap on the Settings app on your Android, on the search at the top type “lock” and the settings option to setup the locking pin on your Android should display right at the top of the list (Lock screen and security).

Follow the directions and setup the pin.

If you lost or your phone got stolen login to your online account with your carrier and look for the option to report a lost or stolen phone. They might be able to remotely lock or even wipe out the phone if it is online.

If you are using our cloud hosted security monitoring services and you have installed Sophos Central Mobile Security you can contact us via email at or call 855.477.7463 for assistance.QualTech Cloud Hosted Mobile Security Monitoring | QualTech360MobileSecure

We can try and locate the device (about 10mins) and provide a Goolgle map reference with the location, lock or unlock the device, send a message, we can check if it is active and reporting and we can send a wipe command if it is active.

How to Backup your Android contacts (article 2)

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