(Introducing) Nishang : PowerShell for Penetration Testing

By | August 22, 2012
Source:  blog

In this article “I have been using PowerShell in penetration tests for some time now. It is a really powerful shell and scripting language which gives you access to interesting things on a Windows machine. There are many PowerShell scripts involved in Kautilya. In fact, these PowerShell scripts are the reason behind power of Windows payloads in Kautilya.

At some of my talks many nice folks have asked me about the availability of PowerShell scripts for use in Penetration Tests. I started writing new scripts and collecting older ones. After working on this for a while I had some useful collection of payloads and scripts. I call it Nishang. It is available on google code here http://code.google.com/p/nishang/

Nishang means quiver (container for arrows) in Sanskrit. Apt for a collection of payloads and scripts. “

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