Power and ego, not money, may have fueled alleged Dutch hacker

By | June 13, 2012

Source: Computerworld

by Jeremy Kirk

In this article “At its peak during its two-year existence, Kurupt.su — a website specializing in the trade of stolen credit-card numbers — had more than 6,000 members who bought and sold pilfered data in an online bazaar dedicated to defrauding consumers.

It was governed in part by “Fortezza,” the nickname of an administrator who exercised tight control over who was allowed into the secret forum given its criminal nature. “Carding” websites are the bane of banks, victimizing consumers in a fast-moving global frauds.

U.S. prosecutors say they now have custody of Fortezza, aka David Benjamin Schrooten, a 21-year-old Dutch national who was extradited on Friday from Romania. Schrooten, who was indicted on 14 counts ranging from fraud, conspiracy, intentional damage to a computer and aggravated identity theft, has pleaded not guilty.”

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