QualTech Critical Infrastructure Services

By | May 24, 2017

QualTech360Care Endpoint Security with Sophos

When it comes to cloud managed services QualTech goes beyond just making available virtual infrastructure such as single tenant isolated virtual networks and vms running Linux or Windows 2012 OS.

Our multiple data center redundant cloud infrastructure hosted in ISO 27000 certified data centers gives you scalable and compliant infrastructure you can trust but with our critical infrastructure services we also reach out beyond our cloud platform to support and protect your on-premises physical and virtual infrastructure with Sophos endpoint protection and continuous monitoring.

QualTech network monitoring | QualTech360Protection

InterceptX root cause analysis. Sophos central monitoring console.

I’m sure you are aware of the latest Wanna ransomeware attack, did you know Sophos InterceptX and CryptoGuard has logic to continuous monitor the behavior of the the files executing in your devices, stop encryption and report all activities to our cloud monitoring console?

We protect you the same way we protect our cloud vms, with Sophos Central Server Protection Advanced.

QualTech monitoring services | QualTech360Protection

Sophos Central monitoring console

This is QualTech’s commitment to 360 degrees care and support to your business. We are your IT team, you focus on the success of your business.





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