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By | June 17, 2017

QualTech Dynamics 365 services provides you with more than just hosting

QualTech Dynamics 365 Integrated Solutions | QualTech360SolutionsDynamics 365 is a great tool to help any business across any vertical market manage their entire business processes from a single business solution where every user in each department can at any moment have a full picture of what they need to do and look up whatever information they need to perform their daily tasks.

Even if you just have access to crm out the box it is fully featured to allow you to immediately start improving the way you do business and to provide management with a full view of the state of the business with the out of the box reports and dashboards.

Now, businesses are not all managed the same way! But that’s where Dynamics CRM, now named Dynamics 365 has surprised me since it’s early versions.

Even though Dynamics 365 out of the box is a fully featured business solution when you get to know its framework well you realize that behind it is a fully open and customizable development tool which with the proper skills makes Dynamics 365 a powerful platform capable of adapting its capabilities to serve businesses in any vertical market.

QualTech Hosted Business Solutions | QualTech360DynamicsWith my background of many years doing software development, architecture design and integration that’s what has attracted me to focus my career for over 10QualTech Hosted Dynamics 365 Solutions | QualTech360Solutions year now delivering fully featured  business solutions on top of Dynamics platform. You can deliver Dynamics 365 customized to manage the entire business life cycle in the way any specific company drives their own business processes.

Moreover, each business is a “living being”. The most certain to happen in any company is that their business processes are constantly changing and adapting. The customizations you delivered yesterday are no longer adjusted to how your business will be managed tomorrow. That’s another aspect of the Dynamics 365 that has always surprised me. If you had your Dynamics development work done by skilled crm developers Dynamics can be adapted continuously with short delivery cycles to keep it current with the changes to your internal business processes.

QualTech Custom Development Services | QualTech360Development

QualTech Dynamics 365 Custom Development

Our highly skilled team of software engineers can provide you with the development effort to meet any of your needs to implement new or modify existing crm business processes. From crm customizations, to integration with other applications, migrations or upgrades at an hourly rate below the rates of any consulting company in the US market.

That’s the nature of QualTech’s 360 degree services. We provide cloud hosting of Dynamics CRM in our highly scalable and performant infrastructure. We provide multi tenant or single tenant environments if you have specific compliance or/and performance requirements.

Unlikely Microsoft Dynamics 365 online and all the Microsoft Partners providing crm hosting on Dynamics 365 online we own our cloud infrastructure and therefore we fully support all aspects of it at no additional cost for you besides your monthly fee per crm user. That means we are continuously monitoring the infrastructure and application servers. We manage the Windows and Application server updates and upgrades.

And still, we do so at a monthly fee per crm user below the rates for Dynamics 365 online.

Windows Infrastructure as a Service

QualTech Linux Infrastructure as a Service | QualTech360Infrastructure

Linux Infrastructure as a Service

If you need help with anything you email our support team and we handle it. We are not going to open a ticket with Microsoft and wait for them to get back to us to provide you with a status. We don’t provide you a status we provide you with a solution! By the way, we manage all aspects of our business on top of Dynamics 365 including our customer’s support tickets.

Through our Dynamics partners we have available to you fully featured solutions to help you handle specific business needs. Here too we are always your single point of contact.

Why would you want to go anywhere else? Try us out. Contact us with your needs. Allow us to be your IT while you focus on the success of your business.

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