Selling A Secure Internet Domain

By | May 18, 2012

Source: Dark Reading

by Kelly Jackson Higgins

More on the .secure domain.

In this article “PayPal is among the as-yet unnamed organizations invited to join a new working group that ultimately will build the framework for the proposed .securetop-level Internet domain that also can be used in any existing domain as well.

The new .secure TLD, which was announced earlier this month, will include fully encrypted HTTPS sessions and a comprehensive vetting process for websites and their operators. It has been billed as a “safe neighborhood” on the Internet, and is one of the first next-generation TLDs to emerge from the new Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) program that opens up the TLDs beyond the 21 existing global domains that, and .edu. Artemis Internet Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of NCC Group plc, has applied with ICANN for the new .secure domain in the competition for thousands of new TLDs aimed at better classifying companies and people by industry, interest, or location.

If the new domain takes off, it could alter the way Web domains are secured, as well as what users see when they enter a secured site. Security experts say the initiative has some big hurdles to clear first, however, and much of it involves logistics and not necessarily technology.”

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