Setup a Multi-Tenant IFD Dynamics CRM With NAT Firewall

By | December 19, 2015
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We at QualTechCloud have been setting up complex Dynamics CRM environments. It has come the time for us to deliver crm online to our customers and as Microsoft Partners we have to deliver compliant environments.

We had a hard time setting up IFD in a complex highly scalable environment. We have found bits and pieces of information scattered all over the internet which we used to finally figure out our way to a fully implemented environment.

Based on that first deployment we were able to implement another environment in a much shorter amount of time. We decided to exhaustively document that deployment with step by step instructions to stay as a deployment guide for our engineers.

Because of the difficulty we had figuring out how to correctly setup this type of environments and the amount of time we have spent working on it we decided we should make this information available to the crm community at large.

Because of the length of the document we have decided to make it available as a pdf document that you can download and use instead of document everything in this article which would become extremely extensive.

The steps described in this document will allow you to setup any size crm environment.

1        Introduction

This documentation is a step-by-step guide to deploy a multi-tenant IFD Dynamics CRM environment consisting of multiple servers.

This environment will have one Active Directory and Federated Services server,   one Dynamics CRM server and one SQL Server 2014.

All servers will be running Windows 2012 R2 Operating System

The network is protected by a NAT Firewall that will have to be configured to allow access to crm and the Federated Services for authentication.

The network diagram for this setup would look similar to this:


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