Spamhaus attacks expose huge open DNS server dangers

By | April 3, 2013

Source: Computerworld

by Jaikumar Vijayan

Sec11“Computerworld – Massive distributed denial-of-service attacks on Spamhaus this week focused widespread attention on the huge security threats posed by millions of poorly configured Internet Domain Name System (DNS) servers.

The attacks on Spamhaus that began March 19 were apparently launched by a group opposed to the Geneva, Switzerland-based volunteer organization’s antispam work.

Several security firms described the attacks on the organization as the largest — by far — ever publicly known DDoS attacks to date.

In DDoS attacks, hackers typically try to take down a network by directing huge volumes of useless traffic to it. The traffic is usually generated using large botnets of compromised computers.

The Spamhaus attacks involved traffic volumes that reached a staggering 300Gbps — said to be three times larger than the largest DDoS traffic seen to date and magnitudes greater than the traffic involved in a majority of past denial-of-service attacks.” Read more here.

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