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Implementing a fadding menu – Android with Xamarin

By now you are quite familiar with those sliding views like the ones available on the LinkdIn or Facebook apps. As with the previous articles I will continue using the CustomTitle project and I’ll be showing a simple way to implement that type of views which gives an interesting look and can also be useful in organizing the… Read More »

The Action Bar – Android with Xamarin

The first article of these series showed how to customize the title area of an activity using a LinearLayout. With the release of Android 3.0 (API 11) a new object has been added to the API which allow the management of that area in a more standard look and feel way. The new object is called ActionBar. In… Read More »

Menus, Menus, Menus – Android with Xamarin

Building on the previous example on this article I show the different type of menus available to Android apps and how to use them. You can download the working example here. Options Menu The options menu is available in the current activity. It is activated by pressing the menu button on the phone as shown in the figure 1.… Read More »

How to customize the title – Android with Xamarin

For the next few weeks I intend to provide articles showing step by step how to implement functionality you see available in most common Android apps. In the code samples I will try as much as possible to use Android development standards as for example the icons we use and also providing support to multiple screens allowing the… Read More »

Android Forensics Study of Password and Pattern Lock Protection

Source: Forensic Focus POSTED BY OXYGEN SOFTWARE Let’s see what Pattern Lock is, how to access, determine or even get rid of it? We’ll also speak about Password Lock Protection and find out what it has in common with Pattern Lock. And finally we’ll try to understand how these locks are related to forensic investigation process. What is Pattern Lock?… Read More »