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Botnets for hire likely attacked U.S. banks

Source: Computerworld by Lucian Constantin In this article “Evidence collected from a website that was recently used to flood U.S. banks with junk traffic suggests that the people behind the ongoing DDoS attack campaign against U.S. financial institutions — thought by some to be the work of Iran — are using botnets for hire. The compromised website contained… Read More »

Android botnet sends SMS spam through Android phones

Source: Computerworld by Jeremy Kirk In this article “In a new twist, spammers have built a botnet that sends SMS spam through infected Android phones, shifting the potentially pricey cost of sending spam to victims. The trend, spotted by security vendor Cloudmark, poses a new challenge for operators. Victims whose phones are sending the SMS spam often do… Read More »

The United States of ZeroAccess

Source: F-Secure In this article “Monday’s post included a screenshot of the ZeroAccess botnet as visualized in Google Earth. Well, we’ve finished cleaning up the KML file which now includes 139,447 bot locations based on IP addresses associated with approximately 2,600 samples. ZeroAccess is a very large botnet and there are millions of infections globally.”  

New P2P botnet soon available for sale

Source: Help Net Security In this article “The development of a new botnet that will rely on a decentralized architecture based on P2P technology is nearing completion and will soon be offered for sale for a sum of $8000 on a number of underground hacking forums, reports The Hacker News. Announced by its developer, an individual that goes by the… Read More »

New Waledac Variant Goes Rogue

Source: Dark Reading by Kelly Jackson Higgins In this article“Remember the infamous Storm spamming botnet that later re-emerged as Waledac and was later silenced in a high-profile takedown led by Microsoft? It’s baaaack — and this time it’s performing more malicious activity than sending annoying spam messages. Researchers at Palo Alto Networks say earlier this month they discovered a… Read More »