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Complex cyberwar tool ‘Flame’ found ALL OVER Middle East

Source: The Register by Brid-Aine Parnell In this article “A new super-cyberweapon targeting countries like Iran and Israel that has been knocking around in computers for two years has been discovered by researchers. “Flame”, a highly sophisticated piece of malware, was unearthed by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and Kaspersky Lab, which said it was more complex and functional… Read More »

Cross-browser worm spreads via Facebook, security experts warn

Source: Computerworld by Lucian Constantin In this article “Malware writers have used Crossrider, a cross-browser extension development framework, to build a click-fraud worm that spreads on Facebook, security researchers from antivirus firm Kaspersky Lab said on Monday. Crossrider is a legitimate Javascript framework that implements a unified API (application programming interface) for building Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet… Read More »

Source Code Analysis of Worms

A computer worm is an independent malicious program that propagates itself across a network by exploiting security or policy flaws in widely-used services. Worms are different from traditional viruses in the way that they are able to propagate across a network with manual intervention. Upon arrival, the worm may be activated to replicate itself or perform unwanted functions.

Ramnit worm goes after Facebook credentials

Source: COMPUTERWORLD.COM by Jeremy Kirk On this article Jeremy reports that “a pervasive worm has expanded its reach to now steal login and password details for Facebook users, warned security vendor Seculert, which found a server holding 45,000 login credentials. The worm, called Ramnit, infects Windows executables, Microsoft Office and HTML files, according to a profile published by Microsoft. It steals… Read More »

Modelling a Computer Worm Defense System

By SENTHILKUMAR G CHEETANCHERI Background 2.1 Introduction A computer worm is an extremely handy tool to do a particular task on several hosts. Unfortunately, it can also be used as a weapon. For example, consider a computing task that takes several days to nish on a single machine. It can be done much quicker if it can be broken down to… Read More »