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Internet Worms: Walking on Unstable Ground

Source: SANS Institute Abstract Each day, worms are becoming a more common occurrence on the Internet. As the incidents increase, we must be thinking proactively in order to lessen the negative effects these worms have on the Internet community. It is important to remember that the livelihood of many businesses is based on an Internet presence. The monetary losses incurred by businesses… Read More »

A Taxonomy of Computer Worms

BY: Nicholas Weaver   Vern Paxson    Stuart Staniford    Rober Cunningham      UC Berkeley                   ICSI                           Silicon Defense              MIT Lincoln Lab INTRODUCTION A computer worm is a program that self-propagates across a network exploiting security or policy flaws in widely-used services. They are not a new phenomenon, having first gained widespread notice in 1988 [16]. We distinguish between worms and viruses in… Read More »

Computer Worms

Computer Worms are reproducing programs that run independently and travel across network connections. The main difference between viruses and worms is the method in which they reproduce and spread. A virus is dependent upon a host file or boot sector, and the transfer of files between machines to spread, while a worm can run completely independently and spread… Read More »