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How to Update the Status of System User

This is the code I’ve used in one of my unit tests where I had to test if an opportunity would be automatically re-assigned to another user if its owner was disabled. See the code below:     /// <summary>     /// Updates the state of the CRM user.     /// Use the SystemUserState enum to set the status.    … Read More »

How to Update the Status of an Opportunity

Recently I had the need to update the status of opportunities from a couple of unit tests so I could test a couple of business rules. I looked at the SDK documentation available by Microsoft and their recommendation was to implement all the “SetState” messages based on the example they made available with the SDK which does the… Read More »

Hide Duplicate Detection

In my current CRM 4.0 project we don’t allow users to create and run duplicate detection jobs. All we want is for the duplicate detection to run when they manually create or update records. We also use duplicate detection rules when processing new leads through a custom workflow. The users have been removed permissions to create duplicate jobs.… Read More »