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DARPA to banish “geeky, formal” Way Code Defects are Eradicated

Source: Network World By Layer 8 For every 1,000 lines of code, one to five bugs are introduced. And getting those bugs out of the millions of lines of software code that run today’s complex systems is costly and only performed by highly specialized researchers with deep knowledge of software and mathematical theorem-proving techniques.

DARPA gets serious with Internet security, schmoozes the dark side

Source: Network World WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) had a big hand in creating the Internet and now it wants to get serious about protecting it. At its Colloquium on Future Directions in Cyber Security this week, DARPA Director Regina Dugan said that since 2009, the agency has steadily increased its cyber research efforts and its budget… Read More »

For Your Immediate Attention

Source: Internet Security Alliance Daily Brief The DARPA Information Innovation Office is Seeking Private Sector Recommendation The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) Information Innovation Office (I2O) is requesting information on innovative technologies and approaches to secure the Nation’s infrastructure and to ensure the survival of the Department of Defense’s cyber capabilities in case of attack. Specifically, answers… Read More »