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A Method For Verifying Integrity And Authenticating Digital Media

Source: Forensic Focus by Martin Harran, William Farrelly & Kevin Curran Due to their massive popularity, image files, especially JPEG, offer high potential as carriers of other information. Much of the work to date on this has focused on steganographic ways of hiding information using least significant bit techniques but we believe that the findings in this project have… Read More »

ShellBag Analysis

Source: Windows Incident Response Blog In this article “What are “shellbags”? To get an understanding of what “shellbags” are, I’d suggest that you start by reading Chad Tilbury’s excellent SANS Forensic blog post on the topic.  I’m not going to try to steal Chad’s thunder…he does a great job of explaining what these artifacts are, so there’s really no sense… Read More »

UFED Touch: Field-ready mobile forensics solution

Source: Help Net Security In this article “Cellebrite launched UFED Touch, a solution for investigators to extract and decode digital evidence from mobile devices including smartphones, legacy phones, portable GPSs and handheld tablets. With an exclusive compact form factor and touch screen, the UFED Touch is designed for speed, usability and portability in the field, yet builds on the… Read More »

Forensic Approach To Mobile App Vulnerability Research

Source: Dark Reading by John H. Sawyer In this article “I recently gave a presentation at the SANS Mobile Device Security Summit in Nashville, titled “Smart Bombs: Mobile Application Vulnerabilities and Exploitation.” The talk was a bit of a preview of a talk of the same name that Kevin Johnson, Tom Eston, and I will be giving at OWASP… Read More »

Judge Orders Defendant to Decrypt Laptop

Source: Wired by David Kravets This is a good one to follow. I guess if she continues to refuse to decrypt the hard drive waterboarding will be next?!? In this article “The defendant, accused of bank fraud, had unsuccessfully argued that being forced to do so violates the Fifth Amendment’s protection against compelled self-incrimination. Full disk encryption is an… Read More »