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No Warrant Needed for GPS Monitoring, Judge Rules

Source: Wired.com by David Kravets Why do I always have the feeling that we mere mortals are always in the losing end of the law?!? As reported by Mr. David in this article the judge on this trial considers that the defendant has no reasonable expectation of privacy in the exterior of his car therefore agents legaly installed… Read More »

Android Forensics Study of Password and Pattern Lock Protection

Source: Forensic Focus POSTED BY OXYGEN SOFTWARE Let’s see what Pattern Lock is, how to access, determine or even get rid of it? We’ll also speak about Password Lock Protection and find out what it has in common with Pattern Lock. And finally we’ll try to understand how these locks are related to forensic investigation process. What is Pattern Lock?… Read More »

Do you give up a reasonable expectation of privacy by carrying a cell phone?

Source: Network World By Ms. Smith As seen at a secret conference open only to law enforcement and intelligence agencies, vendors offered cell phone capturing equipment and lessons about location tracking via mobile phones. Does it, however, violate the Fourth Amendment? Do you give up a reasonable expectation of privacy and freedom from being tracked by carrying a cell… Read More »

iPhone and iOS Forensics: Investigation, Analysis and Mobile Security for Apple iPhone, iPad and iOS Devices

Source: viaForensics Book details Mobile forensic experts Andrew Hoog and Katie Strzempka are writing the latest and most comprehensive resource for iPhone and iOS forensics and mobile security. The book presents original research and information on: iOS architecture and file system iPhone and iPad device investigation Forensic acquisition – logical and physical Commercial forensic software descriptions and evaluations Advanced forensic… Read More »

An in-depth analysis of the cold boot attack

Source: Forensic Focus Can it be used for sound forensic memory acquisition? The purpose of this technical memorandum is to examine the technical characteristics behind the cold boot attack technique and to understand when and how this technique should be applied to the field of computer forensic investigations. Upon thorough examination of the technique, the authors highlight its advantages, drawbacks, applicability and… Read More »