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Microsoft EMET – Time For an Upgrade

Source: NeworkWorld Hackers can easily disable the Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET), a free tool used by companies to strengthen their Windows computers and applications against publicly known and unknown software exploits. Researchers from security vendor FireEye have found a method through which exploits can unload EMET-enforced protections by leveraging a legitimate function in the tool itself.… Read More »

New remote access Trojan Trochilus used in cyberespionage operations

Source: NetworkWorld A cyberespionage group has been discovered using a new remote access Trojan, dubbed Trochilus, whose detection rate was very low among antivirus products.  The malware was discovered by researchers from Arbor Networks while investigating attacks in Myanmar that were launched from compromised government websites. The researchers linked the compromises to a sophisticated group of attackers known… Read More »

China-Made E-Cigarette Chargers Could Infect Your Computer with Virus

It’s better for smokers to quit smoking. Are you using electronic cigarettes (E-cigarettes) instead normal ones?? Still, you should quit your smoking habit, because it not only damages your health, but could pose a danger risk to the health of your computer. E-cigarettes have become the latest vector for hackers to distribute malicious software. E-cigarettes manufactured in China… Read More »

China Tied To 3-Year Hack Of Defense Contractor

Source: InformationWeek “For three years, boutique defense contractor QinetiQ was compromised by an advanced persistent threat (APT) attack group operating from China. During that time attackers accessed information about cutting-edge U.S. military drone and robot weapons systems and brought competing products to market. Those allegations surfaced against QinetiQ North America Wednesday in a report from Bloomberg, which cited… Read More »

Eavesdropping on a wireless keyboard

Source: Absorptions “Some time ago, I needed to find a new wireless keyboard. With the level of digital paranoia that I have, I chose one with 128-bit AES air interface encryption. But is eavesdropping a justifiable concern? How insecure would it actually be to type your passwords using an older type of wireless keyboard? To investigate this, I… Read More »