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Conmen DID use leaked info of sporty civil servants… to attack HMRC

Source: The Register by Anna Leach In this article “Criminals used the personal data of 100,000 civil servants that was swiped in early 2010 in an attack on HMRC around the same time, The Register has discovered. Now, almost three years later, the government is still scrabbling around trying to work out whodunnit… and only recently ‘fessed up… Read More »

Team Ghostshell Hackers Claim NASA, Interpol, Pentagon Breaches

Source: Information Week by Mathew J. Schwartz In this article “Hacking group Team Ghostshell Monday announced its latest string of exploits, as well as the release of 1.6 million accounts and records gathered as part of what it has dubbed Project WhiteFox. The hacked organizations allegedly include everyone from the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japan Aerospace… Read More »

Australian Medical Records Encrypted Held Ransom

Source: F-Secure In this article “According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), a server belonging to a small medical business located in Australia’s Gold Coast has been hacked, had its patient records encrypted, and held ransom for $4000. The Australian edition of SC Magazine reported on similar hacks earlier this year. This strikes us as an interesting development… Read More »

Hackers break into two FreeBSD Project servers using stolen SSH keys

Source: Computerworld by Lucian Constantin In this article “Hackers have compromised two servers used by the FreeBSD Project to build third-party software packages. Anyone who has installed such packages since Sept. 19 should completely reinstall their machines, the project’s security team warned. Intrusions on two machines within the FreeBSD.org cluster were detected on Nov. 11, the FreeBSD security… Read More »

Skype Deals With Account Hijacking Exploit

Source: Information Week In this article “Despite Microsoft having been warned of the issue, for more than two months Skype has been vulnerable to a bug that enabled attackers to easily hijack any user’s Skype account. Details of the vulnerability were first published in August on an online Russian-language hacking forum. Tuesday, the same Russian hacking forum user… Read More »