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Long Shadow Of Stuxnet Inspires Custom Anti-Malware Project

Source: Dark Reading by Kelly Jackson Higgins In this article “Another sign of how Stuxnet is reshaping the SCADA security world: One major global supplier and integrator in offshore drilling, subsea, and merchant marine operations pushed for the creation of a custom malware protection solution that better fits operationally sensitive critical infrastructure environments. Kongsberg Maritime’s customers in the… Read More »

Security firms works to shield cars from viruses

Source: iTnews by Jim Finkle In this article“A team of top hackers working for Intel’s security division toil away in a West Coast garage searching for electronic bugs that could make automobiles vulnerable to lethal computer viruses. Intel’s McAfee unit, best known for software that fights PC viruses, is one of a handful of firms that are looking to… Read More »

DHS warns of vulnerabilities in widely used Niagara software

Source: Computerworld by Jaikumar Vijayan In this article “The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has issued an alert warning of vulnerabilities in a software technology called the Niagara AX Framework, used to manage millions of devices over the Internet. The alert, from the DHS’ Industrial Control System Cyber Emergency Response Team (ICS-CERT) security group, is addressed to organizations… Read More »

Smart meters vulnerable to false data injection

Source: Help Net Security In this article “Power grids connect electricity producers to consumers through interconnected transmission and distribution networks. In these networks, system monitoring is necessary to ensure reliable power grid operation. The analysis of smart meter measurements and power system models that estimate the state of the power grid are a routine part of system monitoring.… Read More »

Researchers Release New Exploits to Hijack Critical Infrastructure

Source: Wired by Kim Zetter In this article “Researchers have released two new exploits that attack common design vulnerabilities in a computer component used to control critical infrastructure, such as refineries and factories. The exploits would allow someone to hack the system in a manner similar to how the Stuxnet worm attacked nuclear centrifuges in Iran, a hack that stunned… Read More »