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Setting Up SSH Keys On A Linux Server

Securing Access To a Linux Server With SSH Private Keys As a cloud managed services provider we deploy and manage Linux infrastructure for our cloud customers. In many of the cases we manage the infrastructure ourselves and help the customers deploy their applications so no direct access to the servers is necessary. Other times our customers need direct… Read More »

Deploy and Configure a Postgres Server on CentOS7

A simple step by step guide on deploying Postgres and PgAdmin4 As we deploy our own cloud infrastructure, maintain our cross platform environments and support our customers we also create our own deployment guides. These guides provide step by step instructions which are the steps we have taken building the labs and the production environments including notes of… Read More »

How to Backup your Android contacts (article 2)

Backup your Android account This is the second part of this article. I have decided to break it down in 2 parts after realizing there was a substantial amount of relevant tips I could provide to help you enhance your secure use of your Android device. If you are responsible for your enterprise infrastructure it’s probably of relevance… Read More »

How to Backup your Android contacts (article 1)

Backup your Android – Why should you care One of the cloud hosted services we offer is enterprise cloud hosted backups which also allows for scheduled backups of mobile devices. Because we have chat enable on our web sites once in awhile we have someone asking questions about how to do something on their smart phone. Not exactly… Read More »

Red Self-Destruct Button Toasts Solid-State Hard Drive

Source: Security News Daily by Paul Wagenseil In this article “It’s a hard drive only a spy, or possibly a pyromaniac, could love. The InVincible series of solid-state hard drives made by Chinese manufacturer RunCore have two dramatic optional security features, both activated by wires connected to the drives through the power connectors. Press the green button, and the… Read More »