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Configure SSL in a Linux Tomcat With an IIS Exported Certificate

Using a wildcard certificate issued for Windows 2012 R2 IIS server to configure Tomcat in a Linux server At the first look it might seem like an improbable situation. Practically it can actually happen more often then not. In our case for example we host in our cloud infrastructure most of the Microsoft Business Application Servers such as… Read More »

Setting Up SSH Keys On A Linux Server

Securing Access To a Linux Server With SSH Private Keys As a cloud managed services provider we deploy and manage Linux infrastructure for our cloud customers. In many of the cases we manage the infrastructure ourselves and help the customers deploy their applications so no direct access to the servers is necessary. Other times our customers need direct… Read More »

Deploy and Configure a Postgres Server on CentOS7

A simple step by step guide on deploying Postgres and PgAdmin4 As we deploy our own cloud infrastructure, maintain our cross platform environments and support our customers we also create our own deployment guides. These guides provide step by step instructions which are the steps we have taken building the labs and the production environments including notes of… Read More »

Install Ubuntu Linux Replacing Windows Vista

Today I’ve decided to create a lab to work on security. I have an older but quite good tower server which I haven’t used probably in over a year in which I have Windows Vista installed. I decided to completely replace Windows with Linux, install VirtualBox and then install several virtual machines running different OS’s including different flavors… Read More »