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Bogus “browser update” Pages Deliver Malware

Source: Help Net Security by Zeljka Zorz In this article “Fake “browser update” pages are currently being used to deliver malware and redirect users to survey pages, warns GFI. Running this executable allows the download and installation of a program called Driver, which creates a folder named Driver before dropping two files in it: uninstall.exe and app.exe,” say the researchers. “When app.exe runs, an Internet… Read More »

FBI warns of new Zeus-based malware in phishing scam

Source: NetworkWorld.com by  Michael Cooney It surprises me that after so much has been said and explained about phishing scams so many people still get infected with malaware by opening and clicking links in unsolicited email. According to Mr. Michael on this article FBI has warned of an upsurge of a phishing scam using the “Gameover” malware which is… Read More »

Download.Com Caught Adding Malware to Nmap & Other Software

Source: Insecure.org CNET’s Download.Com is one of the most popular (currently ranked #174 worldwide by Alexa) and longest-running (been around since 1996) major sites on the Internet. As a download repository, their key value ad was that they screened software to avoid malware, spyware, adware, viruses and other harmful content that certain shady software contains. Even many security… Read More »