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Google says spam not coming from Android botnets

Source: Computer World by Lucian Constantin So who is right? In this article “Google on Thursday dismissed the possibility that a new wave of pharmacy, penny stock and e-card spam emails are being sent by Android spam botnets. “Our analysis suggests that spammers are using infected computers and a fake mobile signature to try to bypass anti-spam mechanisms in… Read More »

Zombie Android Phones Pumping Out Spam, Researchers Say

Source: Security News Daily by Paul Wagenseil In this article “Android smartphones are powerful little machines. They can crunch numbers, render complex websites, play high-definition video, run thousands of applications and connect to far-flung networks. Many models have the processor speeds and storage capacities of low-end laptops. And now there’s one more thing Androidphones can apparently do: Like PCs, they… Read More »

Phonebook-slurping, spam-sending app found in App Store

Source: Help Net Security In this article “A malicious app that slurps mobile users’ phonebooks and uploads them to a remote server has been spotted being offered both on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.”

SMS Trojan masquerades as Firefox for Android

Source: Help Net Security In this article “Android users who have a preference for Russian third-party online Android markets should be on the lookout for a malware posing as the Firefox browser. The developers of this SMS Trojan are obviously trying to ride on the tailcoats of the recent release of the latest version of Firefox for Android”

Zitmo Trojan masquerades as security app

Source: Help Net Security by Zeljka Zorz In this article “Zeus-in-the-mobile (“Zitmo”) for Android users is back, pretending to be a security solution for the mobile operating platform. It masquerades as “Android Security Suite Premium” and, once installed, it presents an icon of a blue shield. When launched, it shows a generated activation code”