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Android spying app masquerades as Gmail

Source: Help Net Security by Zeljka Zorz In this article “A new piece of Android malware that has recently been unearthed by NQ Mobile researchers is capable of logging text messages and phone calls, as well as record them, and send them to a remote server controlled by attackers. Dubbed DDSpy, the malware hides in the app list… Read More »

Backdoor sniffed in ZTE’s US Android smartphones

Source: The Register by John Leyden In this article “Chinese handset manufacturer ZTE has confirmed the presence of a backdoor in one of its Android smartphones. ZTE’s Score M ships with an application featuring a hardcoded password that gives the user, or software running on the device, administrator-level access. Running the program with the password spawns a root shell prompt… Read More »

Angry Birds Space Trojan & Drive-by Android

Source: F-Secure In this article “On Monday, we released our Mobile Threat Report for Q1, and in that report we mention there’s a growing number of mobile trojans that “deliver on their promises”. What do we mean by that? Well, in the past, mobile malware often offered something such as “free” mobile web services as bait, but then, during… Read More »

Android malware used to mask online fraud, says expert

Source: Computerworld by Gregg Keizer In this article “Android malware being automatically distributed from hacked websites looks like it’s being used to mask online purchases, and could be part of a fraud gang’s new push into mobile, researchers said today. “The malware essentially turns your Android phone into a tunnel that can bounce network traffic off your phone,” said… Read More »

Android malware writers exploit Instagram craze to distribute SMS Trojan horse

Source: Computerworld by Lucian Constantin In this article “In an attempt to take advantage of the popularity of free photo-sharing app Instagram among smartphone users, malware writers have created fake Instagram websites to distribute Android Trojan horses, according to security researchers from antivirus firms Sophos and Trend Micro. Originally developed for Apple’s iOS devices, Instagram allows smartphone users to… Read More »