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Android Trojan Targets Japanese Market – Steals Personal Data

Source: darknet.org In this article “Early last year we wrote about China Facing Problems With Android Handsets & Pre-installed Trojans, then later last year there was a possibility Cybercrooks May Be Able To Force Mobile Phones To Send Premium-Rate SMS Messages. The latest news about Android malware is malicious apps that are in the official Google marketplace (called Play) – they are… Read More »

Boeing plans super-secure Android smartphone for top echelons

Source: The Register by Iain Thomson In this article “Boeing is planning to launch an own-brand super secure Android smartphone for military, government, and high-level commercial users by the end of the year. Roger Krone, president of Boeing Network and Space Systems, told National Defense Magazine that this is probably the first time the company had got into the cellular phone business… Read More »

SMS-controlled Android malware records calls

Source: Help Net Security by Zeljka Zorz In this article “Researchers at NQ Mobile Security have discovered a new piece of Android malware that receives instructions, i.e. is controlled, via SMS. Dubbed TigerBot, the Trojan hides by not showing any icon on the home screen and takes the names and icons of popular and common Google and Adobe… Read More »

Forensic Approach To Mobile App Vulnerability Research

Source: Dark Reading by John H. Sawyer In this article “I recently gave a presentation at the SANS Mobile Device Security Summit in Nashville, titled “Smart Bombs: Mobile Application Vulnerabilities and Exploitation.” The talk was a bit of a preview of a talk of the same name that Kevin Johnson, Tom Eston, and I will be giving at OWASP… Read More »

Fake online streaming service phishes and robs users

Source: Help Net Security by Zeljka Zorz In this article “With high-speed Internet being now a common enough thing in many parts of the world, many users have taken to watching films and videos via online streaming. Unfortunately, cyber crooks have also become aware of this and have began taking advantage of it. BitDefender researchers have recently spotted a bogus… Read More »