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Detector finds smuggled cellphones even without batteries or SIM cards

Source: Computerworld “Turning off cellphones or even locking them in metal boxes won’t be enough to keep them hidden with a new phone detector introduced on Monday. The Manta Ray, made by Berkeley Varitronics Systems, can find phones through walls and other barriers even if their batteries and SIM cards are removed. The materials that the handheld detector… Read More »

McAfee spots Adobe Reader PDF-tracking flaw

Source: Computerworld “McAfee said it has found a vulnerability in Adobe Systems’ Reader program that reveals when and where a PDF document is opened. The issue is not a serious problem and does not allow for remote code execution, wrote McAfee’s Haifei Li in a blog post. But McAfee does consider it a security problem and has notified… Read More »

Experts doubt Anonymous Mossad spy outing claims are kosher

Source: The Register “Hacktivists claim to have published leaked data on more than 30,000 Israeli officials, including members of Israel’s Mossad secret service agency. The boast by members of Anonymous follows a denial of service attack against the Mossad website (www.mossad.gov.il) over the weekend as part of the ongoing #OpIsrael protest. Previously obscure Anonymous affiliate Sector 404 launched… Read More »

Retailer Sues Visa Over $13 Million ‘Fine’ for Being Hacked

Source: Wired Any reason is a good reason for banks and credit card companies to get their hands on other people’s money! “A sports apparel retailer is fighting back against the arbitrary multi-million-dollar penalties that credit card companies impose on banks and merchants for data breaches by filing a first-of-its-kind $13 million lawsuit against Visa. The suit takes… Read More »

Banking malware returns to basics, researchers say

Source: Computerworld “Financial malware authors are trying to evade new online banking security systems by returning to more traditional phishing-like credential stealing techniques, according to researchers from security firm Trusteer. Most financial Trojan programs used by cybercriminals today are capable of tampering in real time with online banking sessions initiated by victims on their computers. This includes the… Read More »