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What to do When You See a Phishing Email

Source: Gemini In this article “he tl;dr summary for those with short attention spans – Don’t open the attachment, be quick to delete anything you’re not sure about, and if you want to help in the fight against phishing, report it using the guidelines I’ve outlined below. I received a pretty awesome phishing email today. It included a… Read More »

Bogus Royal Mail emails deliver malware

Source: Help Net Security In this article “UK-based Internet users should be on the lookout for spoofed Royal Mail emails, as cyber crooks have decided to impersonate the institution and try to deliver malware to unsuspecting victims, warnsSophos. The emails resemble the ones supposedly sent by delivery services, as it tries to trick the recipients into downloading and opening… Read More »

Malware-laden emails target hedge fund managers

Source: Help Net Security In this article “A highly targeted spam campaign aimed at hedge and private equity fund managers has recently been spotted by Barracuda Labs researchers. The email looks like it has been forwarded a couple of times, and supposedly has a document with details about NSYE carried interest fees attached to it. Recipients who don’t… Read More »

Beware Phish Email Attack Targeting ADP, Payroll Systems

Source: Information Week by  Mathew J. Schwartz In this article “Beware phishing emails labeled as being from ADP–and other payroll processing providers–which are really designed to exploit PCs using a known Java vulnerability. According to a security alert issued last week by Automatic Data Processing (ADP), its customers have been receiving fraudulent emails with subject lines such as “ADP Generated Message:… Read More »

Fake AT&T email Installs Malware

Source: Websense In this article “Websense® ThreatSeeker® Network detected a massive phishing campaign targeting AT&T customers. More than 200,000 fake emails are masquerading as billing information from the giant American communication services provider. Each message claims that there is a bill of a few hundreds US dollars. In itself, the amount of money could be big enough to raise suspicion in most of us. Also, it… Read More »