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Facebook has got your number – even if it’s not your number

Source: Sophos Naked Security If you are a user of the social networking site you are going to want to read this article. Do you value your Facebook account? Have you linked your phone number to your Facebook account? You could lose access to it if you aren’t careful, according to James Martindale, who discovered a worrisome Facebook authentication… Read More »

Cyber snoopers target NATO commander in Facebook attack

Source: The Register by Phil Muncaster In this article “NATO’s most senior military official has come under a concerted cyber attack from hackers believed to be operating from the People’s Republic of China. The Observer reported on Sunday that cyber fiends had targeted Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR) Admiral James Stavridis by opening fake Facebook accounts in his name in an… Read More »

How To Spot A Fake Facebook Profile

Source: Dark Reading by Kelly Jackson Higgins Another interesting article on securing your Facebook profile and on how to detect and avoid social networking scammers. I try to make available every single piece of good information concerning hardening your profile and reduce your exposure to abuse on Facebook so take advantage of it and protect yourself. In this article… Read More »

Security Guide to Social Networks

Source: US Trendmicro by David Sancho INTRODUCTION Social networking sites are websites designed for human interaction. They enable users to meet others; keep in touch with them; and share experiences, feelings, and opinions. They are all built on a similar foundation—the user builds a network of contacts bound by an element of trust. The user then creates content… Read More »