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Adventures in C# – Sort An Object Array With Linq

Linq and lambda expressions to sort an object array in just a few lines I’ve seen some questions in technical forums concerning similar functionality so hopefully this article will be helpful to someone out there. This article discusses a short c# console project demonstrating how in just a few lines of code you can sort an object array.… Read More »

Configure Caching in Apache and IIS 8 Part 3 – Minify and Compress

File minimization and image compression reduces bandwidth use This article on improving web application performance hosted on Apache and IIS web servers is the final of 3 on this subject. While part 1 and part 2 focused mostly on the caching capabilities of those two servers this one will focus on two simple techniques you can apply to… Read More »

Configure Caching in Apache and IIS 8 Part 2 – Web Server Configuration

Caching reduces load time improving web application performance In the first part of this article we discussed the tools you can use to check the performance of your blog or hosted web site both to obtain a base line and also to measure the improvements the adjustments we’ll discuss are bringing to your web site. In this second… Read More »

Configure Caching in Apache and IIS 8 Part 1 – Measuring Performance

In the process improve response of the site and help your SEO team There is a diverse ecosystem of web sites out there running on different platforms but for the most part the base infrastructure they sit on is either Windows IIS server or Linux Apache and/or Tomcat server depending on the version of Linux OS you are… Read More »

Java Software Development Services – Get More With QualTech

More Care With QualTech Technology Java Development Services We are delighted to have been select by Blink Network a Carcharging company to providing support of their Java based applications and Linux infrastructure managing Blink’s leading edge charging stations and assisting customers country wide. Our java development team is excited for the opportunity to be able to support the… Read More »