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PayPal REST API With .Net

We are just coming out of an implementation of payment integration with PayPal for one of our customers which has proved to be a frustrating and time wasting experience. We started by going over the documentation and examples made available on their development web site. Developed and fully tested the implementation on PayPal’s sandbox just to find out… Read More »

CRM 2016 SDK Code – Connection to the Organization Service Fails

We have just upgraded one of our muti-tenant environments to CRM 2016 and while testing customers’ custom code which uses the crm sdk we realized that calls to the web service were not working anymore. We will give you the background of the problem and the steps you need to take in order to overcome this problem in… Read More »

CRM Server 500.19 Error

I hope this post will help anyone else running into the same problem I ran into which made me waste a few days to get it fixed. We moved all our customers’ vms from Azure to our own cloud environment. In the process we had to downgrade the OS on our servers. Once the downgrade was complete in… Read More »

Implementing a fadding menu – Android with Xamarin

By now you are quite familiar with those sliding views like the ones available on the LinkdIn or Facebook apps. As with the previous articles I will continue using the CustomTitle project and I’ll be showing a simple way to implement that type of views which gives an interesting look and can also be useful in organizing the… Read More »

The Action Bar – Android with Xamarin

The first article of these series showed how to customize the title area of an activity using a LinearLayout. With the release of Android 3.0 (API 11) a new object has been added to the API which allow the management of that area in a more standard look and feel way. The new object is called ActionBar. In… Read More »