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India, Pakistan shut down networks after panic

Source: iTnews by Juha Saarinen In this article “Indian authorities have ordered internet service providers to block websites and restrict bulk SMS sending for two weeks after a campaign of threatening messages created mass panic in the country. Around 160 websites were blocked under the Government’s orders, according to IDG New Service. Internet Service Providers Association of India president Rajesh… Read More »

Facebook flings clickjack spam lawsuit at ad-slingers

Source: The Register by Phil Muncaster In this article “Facebook and US state of Washington have filed lawsuits against marketing firm Adscend Media over alleged clickjacking and spam practices, as the social networking giant finally gets tough with scammers operating on the site. Such scams on Facebook work by luring the user into clicking on a link with the… Read More »

Facebook Spammers Use Amazon’s Cloud

Source: F-Secure An interesting post at F-Secure detailing the operations of spammers using Facebook surveys as base of their operations. “Facebook is recently doing a decent job at keeping survey spam posts at bay (all things considered). So, what’s an entrepreneurial Facebook spammer to do? Well, some have tweaked their master plan, and have expanded their use of… Read More »