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Google engineer finds British spyware on PCs and smartphones

Source: The Register by  Iain Thomson In this article “Two security researchers have found new evidence that legitimate spyware sold by British firm Gamma International appears to be being used by some of the most repressive regimes in the world. Google security engineer Morgan Marquis-Boire and Berkeley student Bill Marczak were investigating spyware found in email attachments to several… Read More »

SMSZombie Android Trojan infects 500,000 users

Source: Help Net Security In this article “With its vast number of Android users and their preference for third-party online app markets, China is the perfect breeding ground for new Android malware. Chinese mobile security company TrustGo Security has recently discovered an Android Trojan that targets Chinese users exclusively, as it takes advantage of a vulnerability in the… Read More »

Malware-laden emails target hedge fund managers

Source: Help Net Security In this article “A highly targeted spam campaign aimed at hedge and private equity fund managers has recently been spotted by Barracuda Labs researchers. The email looks like it has been forwarded a couple of times, and supposedly has a document with details about NSYE carried interest fees attached to it. Recipients who don’t… Read More »

Researchers Seek Help Cracking Gauss Mystery Payload

Source: Wired by KIM ZETTER In this article “Researchers at Kaspersky Lab in Russia are asking the public for help in cracking an encrypted warhead that gets delivered to infected machines by the Gauss malware toolkit. The warhead gets decrypted by the malware using a key composed of configuration data from the system it’s targeting. But without knowing what… Read More »

Gauss Espionage Malware: 7 Key Facts

Source: InformationWeek by Mathew J. Schwartz In this article “What secrets does the newly discovered Gauss malware hide? At a high level, Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab, which Thursday announced its discovery of Gauss, believes it “is a nation state sponsored banking Trojan,” built using a code base that’s related to Flame, and by extension Duqu and Stuxnet. But the ongoing analysis… Read More »