Two-factor via your mobile phone – should you stop using it?

By | July 12, 2017
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Source: Sophos Nacked Seruity

Our friends over at The Register just documented yet another real-world example of a cybercrime known as SIM swapping.

In its most up-front form, here’s the sort of thing that happens.

A crook walks into a mobile phone shop, lets himself get talked into a top-of-the-range new mobile phone to replace the one he says he just lost.

Fell out of his pocket as he was rushing for the ferry and vanished into the harbour, no point in trying to get it back, wouldn’t still be in working order even if it could be dredged up and recovered.

Pulls out his credit card (OK, not literally his credit card, in all likelihood, but a passable clone of someone else’s credit card), and “buys” the new phone.

In fact, he’s not buying it; in non-legalistic terms he’s stealing so he can sell it online the very same afternoon – at half its recommended retail price, he’ll go from listing to sale in a matter of minutes.

But that’s not all: while he’s about it, he gets a new SIM card to replace the one that’s now sunk in the harbour mud, because the new phone isn’t much use without his old number.

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